The basis from Refactoring (Revised)


In the world of computing, many computer users have been in a state of cleaning up code whenever it is a task, a project, or even just for the sake of the product. So for this first week of blog development, I have chosen to read “Refactoring is About Features” from Code Simplicity. The reason that I have chosen this blog post because as a programmer, my question is how does “refactoring” come into the ideals of coding. I wanted to know more on how the concept of refactoring and the ideas around it.

This blog post basically goes over the ideas of refactoring and principles of having to refactor. So, refactoring by the words of the author, is an organizational process that you go through in order to make production possible. When it comes to refactoring, you want to be sure the service from it is really making progress and not just for the sake of fixing it, otherwise variety of problems will occur. On the other hand, if a system was produced and reorganizing was never done or considered, production for the final product becomes difficult or impossible. In order for the product to be produced quickly while having the system be effectively organized, both of these tasks have to be done in a reliable way with the principles. The principles are to have the system be in better condition and not worry about being “perfect” but better designed for an intended purpose. If organization is left out, the product is not as envisioned, and if production is left out, then the reason for doing refactoring is not even there anymore.

So, based on the content the blog post provided with analogies of the real-world experience, I would say this was great to read. The author provided some ideas of knowing when to refactor while handling the issues that does deny from doing it and giving tips that shows cleaning development directly and indirectly. From my mindset when it comes to cleaning up coding, it would be writing down a bit of documentation with just the implied codes that needed clarity and go from there.

From this blog about refactoring, I learned is that always be aware to change the design for the current purpose it serves as it leads to greater productivity and less redundancy. The idea that I have been taught is that while it might be great for the design to serve previous purposes, we can’t judge whether the design is acceptable without the purpose it does serve now. Learning the ideas from this blog gives me the realization that for myself, I should be trying to restrain from fixing codes that seems “wrong” in my eyes. This will allow me to apply future practice on implementing features and make good judgement in fixing it. So, I hope with this knowledge, I can build upon it to be flexible within my skills in coding.

-Dennis Tran

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