Having Concrete Skills

For this week, I have decided to read “Concrete Skills” pattern from the Apprentice Patterns by Adevele Oshineye and Dave Hoover. I have chosen this one since it is a good refresher for understanding that knowledge known is not the same. I believe this will help me in making so that I can be sure to give more demonstration than telling by just writing it out.

This pattern starts with the context of seeking out a role in a group of talented people that will provide better learning opportunities than currently. The problem is that the team, when asked, they can not risk of bringing someone that would not be able to contribute for the intended workload. There is also when thinking further, the possibility of not being able to do even the simplest task when asked. The solution to that problem is concrete skills, acquiring and maintaining them. With these skills, demonstrating and having them will increase the possibility of being trustworthy and be able to reach the goals. Eventually, there will be less dependent on these set of skills as the possibilities increase in being hired for the jobs intended.

From this pattern, what I found useful is the listing for concrete skills as an example to give the point of giving trust to the employer. As we try to give a good impression and trust for the likes of employers, we want to be sure that we at least have a clear understanding and demonstration of the basic things to do like JavaScript and the standard libraries by choice for computing jobs. Skills may require more thoughts to give an even better impression than intended, but it does answer questions to which the employer may ask. This pattern has changed my way of thinking in my profession. As I read the short pattern, it has become clear to me that I should not only directly say as intended but also if needed, demonstrate what I can do even if it is the basic thing. For this pattern overall, there is nothing I don’t disagree upon and this is because the pattern was able to give good perspectives of knowing what to do with this concept.

Based on the content of this pattern, I will say this is a simple but effective one. This pattern has showed good examples of the real-life scenarios. It allows me to be aware in the future of demonstrating than telling by just paper. For practice, I will show some technical work to give good impressions.


Link to the pattern: https://www.oreilly.com/library/view/apprenticeship-patterns/9780596806842/ch02s04.html


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