Sharing what I learned

For this week, I have decided to read “Share what you learned” from the Apprentice Patterns by Adevele Oshineye and Dave Hoover. I have chosen this one because while I do understand that the lessons learned will be useful for my self-improvement, I wonder about how to express to people if they seek the knowledge that I have gained from those lessons. I believe this will help me in seeing the value of sharing the knowledge and maybe help with devising new strategies in the future of my career.

The pattern starts off with the context of us being an apprentice for a little while in a business or a team. Understanding that we know a few things, people look to us as a source of knowledge. The problem being is we have been only focusing exclusively on our own improvements as a craftsmen and maybe communication to others. To solve this problem, thinking back to the last few things learned regarding the specific topics should help in with expressing the knowledge gained. With this information, creating tutorials or making presentations at conferences are possible as it proves the knowledge that the peers would like to know. It carries the risk of sharing information that is not meant to seen but it can help with rethinking for the better.

What I found useful in this pattern is that it elaborates on the significance of sharing the lessons even though it is little. No matter how little the knowledge is on a specific topic, it is still better than most and it can with building tutorials that we wish we had when the first time going through it. From reading this pattern, I understand that fully learning on my own and sharing the knowledge is showing that there is eagerness to be part of a community. I don’t disagree with anything in this pattern as it showed me in figuring out what to do with limited knowledge.

Based on the content of this pattern, I would say this is a simple but effective one to read.  This pattern showed an idea in what to do when it is time to share with the knowledge gained.  For future practice, I will try to write down ideas that I learned on my own on a separate document or notebook so that if someone asked me regarding my knowledge on something, then I will guide them the best I can.


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