Studying the Classics

For this week, I have decided to read “Study the Classics” from the Apprentice Patterns by Adevele Oshineye and Dave Hoover. I have chosen this one because there must be reasons why do we go back to old books even though we have a great education from being self-taught. I believe this will help me in seeing the appeal of finding old books and read them, even the ones I kept for years.

The pattern starts off with the context of being self-taught or had a highly practical education that valued skills training over skills. When it comes to the problem, it is the people who are experienced makes references to concepts from books that they expect the self-respecting software developer to know it. To solve this problem, the thing is to ask about the unknown concepts and which book they came from. One important thing to note is that studying the classics may lead to is too much investment and that can mean abandoning the knowledge that is meant to improve day to day craftsmanship skills. So keeping this in mind, it is wise to mix up modern books with the classics in the list so that the knowledge gained would be fully understood while improving skills or even gaining new ones.

What I found interesting about this pattern is that it advises to read the oldest book first and ask the developer why they still own this particular book today. Owning a book that is dated to a very long time could still be relevant and maybe to prove a point when referencing the concepts. From reading this pattern, I understand that it is not too bad to have a refresher with the old books if it means by proving myself or others on what am I trying to convey even it is simple. I don’t disagree with anything in this pattern as it helped me see the knowledge behind reading old books.

Based on the content of this pattern, I would say this is a simple but effective one to read.  This pattern showed a good perspective from being self-taught.  For future practice, I will try to find books that gives concepts I have not heard of and when the time is needed to expand knowledge even more, I will find books that people suggest to me.


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