Sweep the Floor

For this week, I have decided to read “Sweep the floor” pattern from the Apprentice Patterns by Adevele Oshineye and Dave Hoover. The reason I chose this one is because I want to understand from a perspective of joining a team for the first time. I believe this will help me in knowing what to do for future work.

This pattern starts off with the context of being a new apprentice in a project. The problem is that unsure of being in the same place as the team is right and the team is also unsure in that question. Finding a way to contribute to the team can be difficult since there is also the thought of gaining the team’s trust and standards for the project. To solve this issue, volunteering for simple, yet necessary, tasks is the thing to do. By doing a high-quality job for a task even if it does not matter in the long run, it helps in showing the team we are eager to contribute and become successful.  For the worth of doing these tasks, it will fill in the gaps of knowledge that are needed throughout the journey.

From this pattern, what I found useful is identifying the books that would be worth reading based on a list given by any book. Even if it is the smallest task, it will help in the overall process of the project and gain the trust of the team little by little. Examples would be responding to maintenance requests, bug fixing, updating documentations, and so on. This pattern has changed my mind in regarding what people expect from looking at jobs. Even if the education gained gives the chance to being hired, it is always going back to square one and that is not a bad thing. It means that we can send a messenge with this opportunity to show what we want to express to a team with doing tasks, even taking the ones that feel awkward to do. I don’t disagree with anything in this pattern because it went over pros and cons that are relatable in the workplaces.

Based on the content of this pattern, I would say this is a good read based on how it approaches being new to a team for a job. This pattern has helped me in knowing that sometimes it is alright to take a step back and do small tasks related that can improve my skills during projects and still contribute. For future practice, I will try to do tasks that are related to projects that has been either not fully done or ones that are simple but effective.

Link to the blog: https://www.oreilly.com/library/view/apprenticeship-patterns/9780596806842/ch04s05.html

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