Needing a reading list

So for this week, I have decided to read “Reading List”  pattern from the Apprentice Patterns by Adevele Oshineye and Dave Hoover. I chose this one because I believe there is something that should be done on a daily basis. Since that reading is exactly that, it should be wise to read this pattern at least once.

This pattern starts off with the context of having so much information that is needed to learn after developing the language. The problem is that the number of books to read is increasing than that of actual reading them ourselves. There is also the issue of figuring out where to start from the number of books. To solve this issue, one must maintain a reading list that not only helps in remembering the books read but also track the books that are planned to be read. Creating a text file is an option to write the list down as it is under source control and simplest implication of the pattern. For what it is worth, there is a need for a clear understanding of which books to prioritize in reading and in order by the subject.

From this pattern, what I found useful is identifying the books that would be worth reading based on a list given by any book. This will help in finding hidden connections related to the topic or language to an extent.  Mentors may recommend must-read books that even peers can discuss with one other and advise with the aspects. With data gathering over the years, patterns, gaps, and trends is starting to be seen. This pattern has changed my mind in giving suggestions to other people in what to read. I don’t disagree with anything since it does give clarification in what to do with the knowledge gained thus far and all the books needed to be read in due time.

Based on the content of this pattern, I would say this is a great and simple read as a way in reflecting on a reading habit. This pattern has helped me understand in which to read first for what topic I could have next. For future practice, I will try to write a reading list in different ways beside a text file in case anything happens to that specific device.

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