My name is Dennis Tran. I’m a Junior currently in Worcester State University. My major is coming from the blog description is Computer Science and my minor is Math. I hope to achieve mastery in Software Development and bring computing to the next level.


Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society member

Dean’s List in Worcester State for two years

Highest Honor in Burncoat High School


Here are some facts about me if you would like to know.

  1. I enjoy playing games time to time. They helped in investing worlds that I admire to. Hopefully I can make those inspirations can help in my own creation of a world.
  2. The farthest I have been away on vacation was to Cancun last year. I have never been to California or Vietnam. Maybe when the time comes, I can visit my relatives at Vietnam.
  3. I suffer from PTSD as a child and this was sorted out with my family before middle school started for me.
  4. I love music whenever it’s hearing it or playing it. Before Computer Science, I wanted to take part of the music industry. But after high school, I had to step down from pursuing that path.
  5. My dream would be either to work in a game company or make a game that myself and others can enjoy. Perhaps once everything is all set and done, I will set my sights on either choice.